Thursday, December 4, 2014

For Pam

A sad e-mail greeted me this morning with news that a dear friend lost her battle with cancer and died early this morning.  We, all her friends, knew it was coming and knew that it was coming soon.  Still it struck me hard as though I had not had any fore-knowledge.  Death is like that.

However, I was able to spend the day doing something my friend had loved - quilting with friends.  As I prepared fabric for an art quilt that's in my mind and asked for input from the small group that had gathered at my house, I kept the memory of my friend in the forefront of my mind.  I remembered how she would sew like crazy and put her work up on the design wall for the rest of us to see and comment on.  She'd ask for advice arranging the blocks into the most effective design.  We'd talk and laugh and sew.  She'd gladly help the rest of us with our quilting issues and offer her own "take" on what we were doing.  

And that's what I did today, and yes, my friend was in my mind.  Today I both mourned her loss and celebrated her life.  I like to think, she would have enjoyed that.

Here's to you, Pam.


  1. Thank you, Noel.
    We all need this reminder to remember to celebrate as we mourn.

  2. Pam was a kind, loving person and I know I will miss her for a long time. Quilt Camp will not be the same without her.

  3. I was touched by your moving tribute to Pam. I feel that I almost know her and share in the grief of her loss.