Monday, February 2, 2015

Quiet, Snowy Day

What a snowy day!  D went out to get our newspaper before breakfast, but of course, it wasn't there.  Why we thought it would be at that hour, I don't know.  Anyway, D realized in that short walk that not only could we not get to the Post Office, we would probably not leave the house all day (except to shovel the snow).  

Knowing that, I decided that I would put the Vermont Quilt Festival entry in our mailbox.  I was amazed at how early our mailman came!  Who knows whether it will be there early enough for my quilt to be accepted, but as I said yesterday, my life and/or happiness does not hinge on that.  I did what I could, and if it isn't selected, there will be other quilt shows.

As we expected, we weren't able to get out so we had a quiet day and were able to get some things done that had been hanging fire for a while.  We weren't the only ones who stayed in.  As far as I know none of our neighbors went anywhere either, or if they did, they were gone long before we woke up and came back after it was dark.  Snowplows both town and private were the only vehicles we saw.

What a day!

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