Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Studio

Usually I have my studio class on Tuesday, but this week I opted to have breakfast with K and ME followed by an afternoon of laughter and stitching.  It was a great time, and being with friends was important.

Fortunately, Sharon now has class on Wednesday for a group of newer students and is able to offer it as a make-up if anyone in the Tuesday group has to miss and vice-versa.  Today I wanted to start a new piece, but I also wanted some advice on still other pending works.  How many of them will actually be painted, I don't know, but they are all whispering to me.  

What I actually worked on is another that D likes from our England trip:

My plan right now, at any rate, is to do this in black and white except for the call box.  Basically it will start out as an ink drawing.  Having said that, what I did today is a pencil drawing.

You will notice there are some elements missing.  That's deliberate.  I was playing with the composition.  In the photo, the building behind the call box and the parking lot don't add a lot of interest.   After talking with Sharon and receiving more help than I should have needed, I am now making very sketchy plans that play more with the composition and less with the details.

I have to get over thinking everything I do has to be this thorough and pay more attention to basics.

And this is really in the town of Painswick!

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  1. love the "call box"!! And I think having everything in black and white and the call box being in red is going to be stunning!!