Monday, February 9, 2015

Sherlock Holmes

More progress today; quilt binding on now only the sleeve to be completed by hand.  A bit of organizing and tidying in the studio (have decided that doing a little each day I am in there will get more done in the long run than saying I'll do it all in one day and not doing it at all) and laundry done - neither as exciting as sewing or painting but necessary.  

Also, I came to a decision about the canyon quilt.  It won't do for the quilt I now have in mind, but since I still really like the original design I am going to make it.  But . . . it is going to be the first of a series of canyon quilts!  Now that that decision has been made I am really excited about getting it started.  The first and the third are clear; it's the second that is the mystery and the biggest experiment.

Tomorrow is a painting day, and I have decided to take my painting things so I can do whatever Sharon thinks is necessary for the Painswick painting.  However, I am also going to take my supplies for Chinese brush painting.  That's what I hope to spend the bulk of my time on - practicing and practicing with the brushes - the way to hold them and the strokes that are made . . .

Then I will come home, tidy, finish the sleeve, and start the first canyon quilt!  

I feel like Sherlock Holmes, "The game's afoot, Watson, the game's afoot!"

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