Friday, February 27, 2015

Using the "Gift" (aka What happened after the Mistake)

Yesterday I wrote about the mistake I made with the black batik, water, and the iron (aka the "checkerboard color bleed issue") . Then I realized that there was a good side to what could have (at least seemed like) disaster, and I made a new checkerboard.

Today I am a happy camper.  I accepted my mistake, realized it had a positive side, accepted that challenge, and moved ahead with my art quilt.  Is that a sign of maturity (I know; it's about time!)?  I am not the one who can answer that.  But I do know that it led to today's fun.

Here is a picture of the completed background:

Looks odd, doesn't it, and maybe even not very attractive?  Keep in mind, it's the background which in a finished work is rarely noticed.  And here is the new checkerboard.  

Even without the context, I imagine you can tell why the original checkerboard with the one-inch squares wouldn't work.

Now if I could be sure to find more time to work on this . . . 

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