Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Basic Report

While there are no photos today and maybe not for the rest of the week, it was a reasonably good day.  I was able to go to painting class today.  Much of my time was spent in thinking about how to paint what I needed to, and then, once I had it figured out, I had to practice my solution.

What I needed to figure out is probably simple for many others, I had to figure out how to paint the negative space between some balusters/spindles. It took me a few attempts before I realized the problem was in my thinking.  I needed to paint the negative space as though it was positive.  Basically, I had to trick my brain and act on the trick.  It worked.  Now I'll have to see if my hands can make the right images.

The rest of the day was up and then down and then up - the way it goes some times.  There were disappointments in embellishing my Pine Bush quilt, but there were positives in knowing the Girl with the Pearl Earring quilt was sent and off to the Vermont Quilt Festival.  

And then there was the painting of the Garden Room..It's beautiful!

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  1. I can hardly wait to see the garden room - and then the gathering room when it's repainted and the new furniture. In the past few years your home really has changed quite a bit. Hurray for you - cause as you get older the work will already be done!!