Monday, June 20, 2016


I feel I should explain and apologize for being so unreliable in my entries of late.  There have been quilts that had to meet deadlines which are now met, thank goodness!  Also, as you know, we have been busy with the construction of a new room so even though we are not doing the actual work, it does take up some of our time.

What has now added to the complexity of our lives are two major items.  The first was expected.  D is off to D.C. for a week of meetings.  That's the trip on which I usually accompany him, but this year I am headed in a different direction.  I'm off to the Vermont Quilt Festival.  Then, on top of those interruptions of our usual schedule, we are trying to remove everything from our family so it can be painted.  Arghh!  Anyone who has visited that room will know that packing everything up would not be either easy or quick.  But I am working at it a couple of hours (or four) each day, and it's getting there.  Since we haven't received the quote for that painting job, we do have time.  We just don't know how much time.

Then there's the garden which hasn't been touched yet this year.  It will have to wait until after the patio is poured because there's no point in doing it while heavy equipment is wandering all over the yard!

There are oil paintings swimming around in my head (good thing there's plenty of room!).  Those have to wait until the dust dies down.  However, that leaves more time for more quilting so there is an "up" side to that issue.

And to take the occasional break, we run errands, poke our noses in places we haven't checked out, and revisit sites around here we enjoy.  Here's one D took me to on Saturday:

He knew I would love to see it again and that it would be just the kind of site I'd want to paint.  So he hustled me over here after our morning walk when, as he said, "The light will be right."  And he was too!


  1. Another challenge now that you have finished your quilts. Take lots of photos at the quilt festival in Vermont. We shall be eager to see them.