Monday, June 27, 2016

Hindsight on a Glib Response

"Another Chapter for Girl with a Pearl Earring" did not ribbon at Vermont Quilt Festival.  I was not surprised.  When people asked (there were many at the show I knew), I'd tell them it didn't earn anything, but that I was okay with that.  I said I was looking forward to the evaluations of the judges and hoped to learn from that.

All that was true.  But as I drove home, I thought about my answer and realized that I had given the answer I prepared in advance. As I said, it was true but . . . It didn't go far enough.  Here's what I should have said:

"I didn't earn a ribbon, and I am disappointed.  It would have been wonderful to have this one recognized because I challenged myself to make a design that would require trying methods new to me," and then go on with the rest.  

Hindsight is twenty-twenty.

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  1. I'm disappointed for you. I think you did a spectacular job and you definitely learned a whole lot doing this one!!