Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Post Pine Bush Challenge

Laziness is my middle name of late!  After "Another Chapter for the Girl with the Pearly Earring" was shipped off to the Vermont Quilt Festival address, I hurried home to finish work on "Pine Bush Dreamscape".  That was finished in time for the Guild show.  Then there was getting ready for the show for which I was primarily responsible.  Fortunately, several very good friends did yeoman's work  helping with the check-in and hanging of the two categories (art and traditional) so all went reasonably smoothly thanks to those friends.  After that there were some unpleasantnesses to take care of afterward so it wasn't until Sunday that I was able to put it behind me until the big show at the Pine Bush Center.

It felt wonderful to take it easy these last couple of days - or relatively easy, anyway.  I was able to find time for reading, spending time with D, and finally today spending two hours at Verizon to buy new phones . . . Whew.

I promised to show the quilt here on the blog once the show at the Guild was over:

The quilt:

In this section, on the left you can see a fisher and lower left is a woodcock on a nest.  On the right in the middle is the wood turtle.

There are Karner blue butterflies through out, but in this section you can see the ones I drew as well as the Swarovski crystals that represent the butterflies also.

The red-shouldered hawk soars in the sky.

The only animal of which I do not have a close up is the prairie warbler who is perched in the biggest pitch pine (on the left).  He's on the highest bare branch on the right.

But my favorite part of the quilt is the waterfall (shown here before bling).  The idea for this feature was what turned the ordinary landscape I was thinking about creating into a dreamscape.  The other improbabilities merely gave me chances to have more fun.


  1. That is quite a work of art !!!! It should go up to VQF next year. Beautiful and certainly shows all the hours you spent on it. WOW !!!

  2. I'm glad you pointed out all the animals incorporated in your quilt. I did not really notice them until you did. Even then, it is somewhat difficult on a small screen. I can't wait to see the quilt in person. It reads to me alike a watercolor. You have done a magnificent job. Love those pine trees and the brook meandering through the scene.