Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trivial News

Still working in the family room even though things have slowed down for us as the construction crew is off doing another job.  Almost every day I spend some time in that room, and almost every day I say to myself, "Well, my part is done" only to discover there is something else to do. Tomorrow I will move the drawers of my desk to the garden room's closet where they will be out of the way as well hidden.  Maybe then I'll be able to move on to something more interesting to do.

At some point there is also the garden to contend with.  Make that the weed beds.  Nothing has been done there yet, but I don't think my plants can wait forever!

The good news of the day is that I do not need new orthotics!  They may look a little scruffy, but they are still in great shape.

A good note on which to end this entry!

1 comment:

  1. ah, yes. The weed beds. I've got to attack mine, too -- maybe tomorrow!