Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Garden Room Closer to Completion

Whenever I have the time to dash into the Garden Room to take pictures, I invariably walk smack into two or three workmen who are busy working or find the light is impossible or the phone starts to ring.  So as you can guess, there are no picture today.

That's really too bad because it is truly a lovely room.  It's sunny and airy just as a garden room should be.  It's a lovely, light-but-bright blue with white trim.  I walk in there and can imagine sitting with D, a cup of coffee in hand, looking out the glass doors no matter what the season.

However, that will still be a week or two away.  The floors are down in room and bathroom and most of the framing and baseboards are in.  But some painting still needs to be done and heating vents put in.  And details . . .

But it's close - really close.

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  1. heating vents are REALLY important !!!! Can hardly wait to maybe sit in there with a cup of coffee for a few minutes, too !!