Sunday, June 5, 2016

Life in General

The only thing left to do on "Another Chapter . . ." before it is sent to the Vermont Quilt Festival is repairing the pearl necklace, adding the key, and replacing the pearl earring (taken off during the second quilting phase).  Once those things are done, I can take the quilt to UPS and have it shipped to Vermont.  The deadline is June 11, and I am sure that, barring any dreadful confluence of planets, it will arrive in time.

And I can breathe again.

As for the other quilt that has taken all of May to begin and finish, well, that needs some embellishment (what, you thought I'd leave it "nekkid as a jaybird"?).  I think that after "Another Chapter . . . " is mailed off, I may want a day to relax, but I also know that I can't afford to do that.  One never knows what unforeseen issues may arise.

Like the contractor not purchasing the tile I chose when I gave it to him weeks ago.  When he went to pick it up, it had been pulled off the shelves.  He couldn't find it anywhere.  That meant that D and I had to spend to two days finding tile which was quite different from our first choice.  Because of that we had to choose different flooring.  

And around and around we go.

On the really positive note, our peonies have no ants this year!

Another floral photo:

The bouquet of peonies, light blue amsonia, pale pink kolkwitzia, and Japanese iris (tight buds you can't see in these photos.

Close up showing the amsonia in the upper left. And peonies without ants!

I love this pink peony and would like to try painting it - someday.  In the upper right is the almost white kolkwitzia.

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  1. the bouquets are beautiful and HURRAY for the peonies without ants.