Thursday, June 30, 2016

Unique Rose

Today there wasn't much in the garden except a few early day lilies.  I thought I'd have the time to work in the garden, but that didn't work out.  Instead the desk drawers found their way into hiding and some of the drawers were sorted through.  By lunch time I was finished, but it was hotter than I like for working outside.  

Instead, I worked in my studio and selected bags of fabrics to donate.  Doing that made me feel good so I thought I'd share this pretty rose with you.  It's one of the old ones which don't last long but tend to be more fragrant.  What attracted my attention though was the fact that it's a bi-color

Pretty, isn't it?


  1. it's a very unique and beautiful rose!! Thanks for posting it!!

  2. Are you aware of how fantastic this photo is? The rose totally pops, the blues contrast and highlight everything else, and the gold adds beauty without distracting. I would frame this beauty.