Sunday, April 2, 2017

Back to Blogging!

My last blog was written on the day there was a death in my family at which time I wrote that my entries would be erratic but that I would write again.

Today is the day.  So I will start with the painting I'm now working on.  In 2015, we traveled to Savannah, a beautiful city.  I took loads of photos (unfortunately all on my phone), but for whatever reason, I never felt the time was right to paint.  A little over two weeks ago, I decided to face my fear and start with the subject I really wanted to do but was intimidated by.  

Forsyth Park is among the most beautiful park I've ever seen.  That's part of it.  But the real kicker is that it is the subject of many, many, many paintings.  Okay.  So what, right?  Mine will be just one more, but it will be pictured as I saw it.

Here it is after the second day of work.  

On the first day without sketching anything, I applied the first wash of color, and I was happy about it.  The focal point (the fountain) would not be in the center!  So on the second day, I figured that I'd sketch the focal point and the walkers.  If you are familiar with the park or have ever seen photos of this park, you know that the fountain is too large.  And "that's the way I like it, uh huh, uh huh"!

Now, the figures?  No.  At first I thought I was doing all right with them; all right, that is, until Sharon came along.  When she discussed the problem - they were too blocky, too static - I didn't get it . . . until she had me draw them her way on scrap paper, and then I saw what she meant.  

Her way of teaching me was to show me what she meant in a book entitled How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.  It's a seriously good book that goes a step beyond the usual human anatomy text.  I purchased one right away, I can tell you!
Once I have the people sketched to my satisfaction, I will work on lifting (I mean erasing using a gum eraser) the figures on the watercolor paper and trace the newer, better ones.

I hope!

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  1. First I have to say I am happy you are back to blogging. And who knew that drawing comics would help in more traditional paintings? But, whatever works! Can hardly wait to see this one progress.