Tuesday, April 4, 2017

THe Old Carrot Trick

There is a quilt underway (one I started several months ago) that I have managed to ignore for a while as well as one that I have worked on but not enough to finish it. Of course, each one has an "issue" that needs to be resolved which is why they are merely sitting quietly on my cutting board.  The first one I mentioned is a pain to cut out, and I suspect that one or two of the first blocks may have to be unstitched and re-sewn.  The second one is non-traditional and has been fun until it wasn't.  It turns out that the dark background can be seen through some lighter pieces in the foreground.  Naturally the foreground pieces are very fussy and time consuming to cut.
So I have decided that while trying to talk myself into taking care of business by completing the above two, I will cut out at least two more quilts that I am really eager to begin.  My thinking is that by doing this, I am coddling myself but also preparing enticements that I can't do until the less pleasant "chores" are done.

It the carrot before the horse trick.

Hope it works!  I'll let you know.

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  1. My thought is if it's not fun, you're not going to do it. Just cause you started something doesn't mean you have to finish it. Life's too short. So, unless these were promised to somebody for some specific date - just let them mature and eventually you'll either choose to work on them - or not!