Friday, April 7, 2017

Drawing for the Savannah Painting

It was a busy day made busier when I went to a meeting that I didn't need to go to - this week, anyway.  "It's next Friday," said my friend KR when I called her from the parking lot.  Sigh.  Maybe I should have written about "one of those weeks" instead of "one of those days"!

However, it was indeed a good day because I did get a little drawing done.  Remember those figures in the Savannah painting?  Today I found enough time to quickly re-draw all three (ignore the differences in size among the three) :

D, who is the figure in the upper right, was first one I drew today, and that's clearly evident.  His legs show movement, but the upper body is static.  He's also not quite right proportionally.  

Next is our friend, B, the figure to the left of D.  This one I think is almost there; to me it looks as though he is walking with his whole body. There needs to be a bit more definition in the left leg as to the wrinkles or shadows in the pants which will help balance the figure.

Finally is the female, G, also a traveling companion, in the lower left.  The body is much better than my first attempt, and as with B, she appears to be active: strolling, enjoying the day, and looking around.  I was working on getting the perspective correct in her left arm when I was called away by a visitor.  It needs further study and re-drawing.  And her right foot is way too large!

Not bad for a second try.  One more day to work, and I may have it.

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  1. looks like you're improving on motion with people! Hurray! As for one of those weeks - makes for a lot of laughs and laughing is good for us.