Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Painting and Clearing Out

Painting was up and down for me today.  Sharon had to re-size my drawings for me as somehow (okay, it was a math thing) the ones I did were much too small.  After she did that I traced the drawings but decided not to transfer them onto the painting.  Instead, I thought my time would be better used if I indicated the tree canopy.  Doing that would insure I would have room for both the fountain's space and its sprays of water.  Again the branches were done with a very light wash.  I hope to be able to have painting time later this week, but I'm not sure that will happen.  

It's another. "I'll have to wait and see."

When I got home, I remembered that I had promised myself I would spend two hours working in the dining room to prepare it for painting.  Two hours is not enough, and I know that.  My theory is that two hours a day will make the process easier to tolerate.  I hope.  Here's what I did today.

One of the two cabinets, the linen press, is now empty.  The contents are in two bins in the garden room.  Since I had cleaned both the living and dining rooms from ceiling to floor after the kitchen renovation, everything was neat in the linen press.  The surprise was my reaction to many of the items.  I don't want most of them anymore!  There are beautiful pieces of antique china, some glass, and other odds and ends for setting an elegant table.  We haven't used them in at least twenty years, and our daughter has no interest in them.   It's the type of downsizing I can do. The other cabinet houses the china and crystal we do use, and that I will keep. 

Naturally packing all that up took more than two hours so I had no time to sew before dinner.  That's not good for my sewing plans!

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  1. Good job, Noel !!! And I like it when it's easy to downsize cause you know you have no use for the items. It's harder when they are things you absolutely LOVE !!