Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekends Are Not for Laundry!

Today was to be "Fountain Day" as well as laundry day, but as so often happens, the fountain decided that it would rather wait.  But all was not lost - the laundry did get done!

And that led me to another curious curlicue of thought.  Laundry day. Why had I chosen Monday as the day for that chore?  When I was working, housework chores were always done on the weekends; weekdays were for helping with homework, or if it was math homework, just making sure it was done.  Then I had my own "homework" to do: correcting papers, writing lesson plans, reading, researching, etc.  Weekends were for grocery shopping, minimal housework, doing whatever our daughter needed done, family fun, and yes, laundry.

That line of thought led me to an understanding of why I was determined not to do chores on the weekends.  One of the gifts hidden in retirement is that you can do whatever you need to do whenever you want!  That's why I don't shop, do housework, or do the laundry on the weekend.

Did I say housework?  Sorry, my fault.

I don't do housework on any day.

1 comment:

  1. someday I hope to give up housework - but I find structure in doing the chores on Saturday and then playing on Sunday! Of course, since my job is so loosey-goosey (note the inventive spelling) I can do the chores mostly when I feel like it - which is hardly ever!

    Hope you have fun and get lots done at painting today!