Sunday, April 9, 2017

Re-figured Figures

The sketch of D has been re-drawn, and I think it is much better than the first one.  Today I re-sized the drawings from the relatively large size of the drawings to fit in the painting.  Since each person was drawn with no regard to the other two the resizing was different for each person.  It took time, but I was able to get it correct.  What you see below are the drawings before they were re-sized:

I cut out the original sketch of D as I didn't want to use up toner on that disaster!  The figure of B should be slimmed down a bit, but I think I can do that when I transfer the drawing.  G's arms need to be check to be sure they are as they should be.  It's probably harder to see them because of the markings I made for joints before I drew the body (working from the inside out - which is also why you see the curve of her spine).  D is far better (that is a shadow on the right I forgot to erase not a slice in his side!).

Next is the fountain itself.  While part of me liked the idea of it being larger (therefore not in proportion) than it is in reality, I now think that won't do.  My paintings tend to be on the realistic side and a super large fountain would merely look out of place.  Working on that will be a challenge as the smaller it is the more difficult to get necessary detail recognizable.

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  1. I think things are looking very good !!! keep it up! Your paintings are terrific !!!