Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring's Optimistic Affect

A rainy day turned sunny! The forsythia is definitely covered with yellow buds just waiting to burst into bloom.  It's one of those spring days that make me really glad to live where I do.  It's so much easier to appreciate spring when you have to go through the tunnel of winter to get there!  Oh well, it's D's birthday so everything looks lovely.

No photographs today because I had an appointment that took all morning, grocery shopping to pick up the leg of lamb and asparagus for D's dinner, and the rest of the afternoon packing the second china cabinet in the dining.  This cabinet holds the china and crystal we really use, but I still found a few "smalls" that can probably be put with the antique china I'm getting rid of.

So there's another point.  Here I am blithely and confidently saying that I am going to "get rid" of china and other highly collectible items.  Now, I have to confess that I know full well that most people now turn up their noses at the very notion of anything antique.  Just who am I thinking will want to purchase my "treasures"?  I am deluding myself, but I will try to find a dealer who understands that fashion is fickle and is young enough to be willing to wait until tastes change again.

Of course, that may take far longer than I have, but with the forsythia so cheerful, how can I not be?

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