Friday, April 14, 2017

Czarina No Longer!

This "Challenge Czarina" has been officially dethroned!  My tiara is gone, the ermine robe has been repossessed, and the scepter has been sent for re-plating and polishing.  My job with the Quilt Guild has been passed into the capable hands of a friend of mine (though she may change my designation in that "realm" as well!).

Now when I go to guild meetings, I can sit and natter away with those around me, knit rows that will have to be taken out because I wasn't paying attention, and/or doze off without worrying about having to get up to announce something.  

It had its moments, but I am glad to lay down the royal seal.  

Basically that was it for the day.  I got up so early to get to the meeting early enough to get a good parking spot, set up, and be ready to collect members' challenge quilts.  I am lucky enough always to have the help of friends so it goes smoothly no matter what I forget.  

Even so, the early hour coupled with the anxiety made me tired enough so I didn't do any packing when I got home.  I did some reading and then enjoyed the late afternoon on our sunny patio .

Everyday should end like that!


  1. One great job finished! And now you can win the challenges without guilt! (ha, ha) Meanwhile, I like your idea about how to end the day. Might have to try that myself!

  2. whoo hoo wine alll around !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a free woman and what ME said-win the damn challenges !!!!!