Thursday, April 13, 2017

Best Laid Plans

Well, I was full of optimism today just like yesterday.  Now that the day is over, I have to admit I was a little disappointed.  The plan was to walk, do a few errands, complete two hours of packing up the dining room, and then have time to sew.

We walked, did our errands, and came home for lunch.  What?  Lunch time already?  Oh yes.  Darn, darn, and mumble, mumble.  We ate quickly, D went out to clean up the front yard, and I hurried into the dining room to empty the Chinoiserie*.  Here is a photo of the cabinet closed:

Actually, I added that photo simply so you'd understand why we use the name we do for it.  Due to the lighting, it looks brownish (almost a burnt sienna), but it's closer to a dark red.  Anyway, I worked until I had this:

Completely empty, hooray!

Oh, you noticed the red and white linens on the ladder (there are two ladders full of linens)?  I thought I'd get those packed up, too, but I was tired out and over my time limit.

Guess who didn't get any sewing done today!

nounplural chinoiseries 
 [sheen-wah-zuh-reez, -wah-zuh-reez; French shee-nwazuh-ree] (Show IPA), 
for 2. (sometimes initial capital letter)

a style of ornamentation current chiefly in the18th century in Europe, 
characterized by intricate patterns and an extensive use of motifs identified as Chinese.
an object decorated in this style or an example ofthis style:

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  1. not surprised you didn't have energy or time to quilt. That's a lot of packing and revisiting some beautiful glassware that you didn't really remember!