Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Bonsai Apple Tree

Having shared the forsythia, it's only fair to share D's bonsai apple tree.  The first photograph was taken in the backyard where the watering cans are still sleeping.  It's hard to see any evidence of bloom in this picture - partly because the background is so distracting.  Wonder if watering cans snore?  I know they gurgle . . . hmmm.

Never fear, I did take a close up of the buds.  Oh, these two pictures were taken April 19th, Saturday, and this is the front of the tree.  You can tell because the lower branch is twisting towards the viewer.

Now the final photograph for today show the tree on the bonsai stand in the front yard and was taken today.  It had starting drizzling by the time I realized this setting was a far better one for my purposes and that the buds were significantly larger in just two days!  You are looking at the back of the tree this time.  See how you lose sight of the part of the branch that curves as it makes the twist away from you?  It's not as attractive as the branch is in the other orientation.  You know bonsai experts would explain it much better.

Nature never fails to amaze me.

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  1. That tree is absolutely beautiful. Will it really have apples? I wonder how the branches can stand the weight of them. Still, it's a very beautiful tree and D is really good at this! Please share this with him.