Sunday, April 6, 2014

Today's Kitchen

At long last I can share with you our beautiful new kitchen!  Yes, there are still a few things that need attention and minor tweaking, but the bulk of the work in finished.  

First, a reminder of what we had to begin with - make note of things like floor, counter tops, walls, and cabinets, oh my . . .  Those were all the cabinets we had except for the island which had a cavernous cabinet space with a half shelf and two drawers.  That island was horizontally placed between the kitchen and the eat-in area.

This is a similar orientation.  The floor looks like slate, but in deference to my feet, it is linoleum with no dimples, ridges, or raised elements of any kind.  Counter tops are quartz and made in this country (some come from Viet Nam).  The wall paper is gone, and the walls are the same white that we used in my studio (you'll be able to see more of the walls later).  There are more cabinets (note the pantry next to the dishwasher), and since they go up almost to the ceiling, they provide more room.  The island? oh that island is my dream come true.  It is larger, the placement makes the entire kitchen are work so both of us can be in there preparing food at the same time, and the storage in it is very functional!

In this view you can see the new sink/faucet (the pass through with my water color of peppers above it).  The sink is almost twice as deep as the one I had and was a no-cost item with the purchase of the counter tops.  In both of these pictures you can see the back splash but only dimly even with the under-cabinet lighting.  It is slate with small white glass tiles embedded in it.  While you can't really tell, the slate picks up all the colors of floor, counter, and cabinets.  The grout is a dark gray.  Though you can't see them all, the lights are recessed and there are a lot of them (it is a big area).

Here's a better view of the island, the shelf with its new color, and the red doors which lead into the living and dining rooms.  We decided to keep that color which we both love because those doors are usually open into the two rooms I mentioned where the red is appropriate.  The hallway in the back right of the picture leads to the garage, and D hung my "Merganser Trio" there.

So that's it for today, and now you can see why I have been so excited!


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  1. your kitchen is truly a work of art. It's so user friendly with plenty of storage! And it's stunning! Congratulations!!