Monday, April 14, 2014

Solve Some Problems; Create Others

It was a good work day for me and for D also. We got up, threw ourselves into schlep clothes, and went for a walk - our first this spring.  We'll walk only every other day until we're back into shape.  I hope that won't take too long.  I'm going to try to remember to stretch before walking in the hopes I'll avoid another Achilles tendon problem that way.

After breakfast D worked outside in the lovely weather while I worked on three more bins of things for the kitchen.  It is definitely becoming more difficult to find places for things - a reminder of how crammed into cabinets' nooks and crannies everything was before.  We are determined to avoid having that happen again and also to get rid of unnecessary, unused items.  But that still leaves . . . . well, you know.  Today the biggest problem was our collection of storage containers - which ones do we use, which ones have tops, do ones we use have tops?  We had amassed a great number of them as we took meals down to D's dad for several years before his death, and we still have many of them.  I did manage to arrive at a middle ground and still hope to pass many on to whomever can use them.

Meanwhile laundry was happily gurgling away to itself in the basement.

After lunch I did some more planning on the Girlfriend quilt challenge and resolved a major issue but also uncovered some minor ones.  And isn't that always the way!

Finally I actually found some time to paint - first time since last week's studio class.  It's hard to tell if what I did adds anything of value to my current project, but I suppose it's much like the quilt challenge - I solved some issues but created others,

It was a good day.

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  1. sounds like you had a productive day!