Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forsythia Forcing #2 and a Surprise Appearance

Once they begin to show signs of life, there's nothing to stop forsythia.

This was taken yesterday, and you can just imagine what they look like today.  Check back on the earlier posting to see how quickly they have come along.  In addition to these six little vases, we have four other vases with forsythia branches moving toward a spring show.  

Here's another surprise - a big surprise for me.

You know what this is, right?  I cannot begin to tell you how many poinsettia plants I have had over the years, but none, not a single one, has ever sent out red leaves again.  This is a miniature poinsettia we've had for two years now.  I've kept it because - well, because it's nice to have something green in the house over the winter.  It's been in the same window, been watered twice a week, and that's all.  I haven't done anything special like make it go dormant, put a paper bag on its head, withhold water, fertilize heavily - none of that.  It's just decided to sneak a few tiny leaves with a hint of red just to test the area.  There are a few other leaves that seem to be blushing.  Maybe it will decide the coast is clear and send out some more.  Who knows?

Whatever it decides, it's a pleasure to see.

1 comment:

  1. the forsythias are beautiful and definitely a sign that spring is coming!

    And I have NEVER gotten a poinsettia to have red leaves again. In fact, they end up looking rather straggly !! Looks like some of D's green thumb rubbed off on you!!