Thursday, April 3, 2014

Color Trends

By this time next week, you may possibly have seen photos of the kitchen.  I say that as a possibility only because one never knows what may happen.  But today the back splash was put on the walls where it now looks just wonderful even though it is not yet grouted.

What is amusing to me is the realization of how thoroughly I have accepted the contemporary designs and colors all the while thinking that they simply aren't for me.  Bright primary colors have been and still are my go to colors in quilting and in painting, but I am drawn to the more earthy side than I would have thought possible.  Plus the fact that we are limited a little by what the designers have decreed.  You have to admit it is hard to find bright reds, yellows, or blues featured in models shown by design magazines and catalogs.  I have been okay with that.

Quilting and painting both lie at the root of this acceptance of today's trends.  While I am still not going to paint my walls in colors that I find depressing - especially in our long winters, I can now appreciate why others find them calming.  Through my two passions I have at first intellectually accepted the colors (especially orange) that I never allowed past my front door unless in edible form and now embrace them enthusiastically.

Maybe it is simply that with age comes both tolerance and wisdom (well, I'm working on that one!).


  1. I think you're right about tolerance and wisdom. They do come with age. But our tastes also change.

    Can hardly wait to see the finished project. Can't be long now!!

  2. What a beautiful kitchen. I showed Dave, and he said, "Makes you envious, doesn't it?" Then I thought of all the work you spoke of in your previous blogs, and I wondered whether I could tolerate all the mess even for such a spectacular outcome.