Sunday, April 27, 2014

Working Weekend: Quilting

Okay, some of you have seen these on Facebook, and some of you have seen these because you were here while I worked on them.  This was the weekend that my "sewing and scrapping" group met here for a weekend of companionship and the creative work of our choice.  

It seemed to me that we all are getting better at thinking about what we want to accomplish before hand so we are more organized.  That means that we actually get quite a bit done over the three days we meet.  Unfortunately, even though we all have cell phones with cameras and some of us even had real cameras available, only one of us took photos and those of the cookies I made.  

So the only work I can display is my own.  I will do better next time, I promise (and I ask my Soul Sisters to help me remember that promise!).  These photographs were taken this afternoon after everyone had gone home.  The first is a table runner that takes almost no time at all to make.  It isn't a quilted piece and has no batting in this version (which is why it is so quick to make).  When I saw the fabric in the center, I fell in love with its rich colors and pattern and knew it would be perfect in our new kitchen.  I made it long enough so it can actually hang over the ends of our table if put lengthwise.  That's a first!  

I'm also proud of getting these four little blocks done.  They're part of a Block of the Month (BOM) that I signed up for at Log Cabin Fabrics, and I had managed to resist the temptation for several weeks because reproduction fabrics aren't my first choice.  However, I do love paper-piecing, and Lisa has such tremendous color/pattern sense that anything she does is beyond beautiful so I caved the last time I was there.

These were the fabrics for April's BOM, and I am very proud of myself for completing the work in April!

Another thing I at least got organized was a BOM on which I am 6 months behind.  Fabrics have been washed (it will be a bed quilt) and ironed, and I thought I would be able to work on at least the first month.  However, I realized Saturday night that I have a gift quilt in progress that has to be finished by this coming Wednesday so I can take it to the quilter.  I had lost track of the fact that the first of May is Thursday!  Therefore, that quilt got priority today and is close to completion.  I'll show you when it's done.

Finally, I continued working on the winter block for the CzQ and will display that soon, also.

All in all a good weekend for quilting work.


  1. it was a wonderful weekend and I got the buck a block January block done! And lots of work on a college quilt. Fun and, of course, time spent with friends was the very best!