Monday, April 28, 2014

Beautiful Day!

What a perfect day!  Although on cool side, I'd swear I could see buds opening.

See what I mean?  This tree may be small but the pleasure it gives me is huge!  And look at its shadow.  Maybe if tomorrow is as fine a day, I can raise the pot so the shadow is easier to see.  Redbuds and some magnolias are out now, too.  

Not only was it a sunny, gorgeous spring day, I also was able to finish the top of and label for the gift quilt!
The colors don't show well in my photograph.  I highlighted it so the they wouldn't be so dark but that washed out the white background.  Oh well, you'll once again have to use your imagination!

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll have to square it up, make the backing, and attach the label.  Then it'll be ready for the quilter.  Yahoo!


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  1. As I told D yesterday, that is one very beautiful apple tree. And that Zen Chic baby quilt is beautiful !!