Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last Report on Forsythia Forcing

Here's my last report on my forsythia forcing adventures, and you will notice there are no photographs.  Like many other plants and shrubs, forsythias have on again off, again years.  My horticultural expert and friend  would explain it all to us, and I do think that at one time I knew the basics.

Anyway, this year my forcing of forsythia branches garnered a few blossoms here and there along the branches.  It was enough to lift my spirits a bit; how could they not be positively glowing with that brilliant yellow?  However, as a florist's dream they did not qualify.  

Oh, those branches are still in the house, and I still look at them every day with pleasure.  While there are few of those striking flowers, there are green leaves.  This is the year - for these branches at any rate - for leaves, and next year would have been their year to bloom.

Too bad I cut them!

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