Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Empire Quilt Festival - Some Favorites

Having planned to show some of my favorite quilts from the Empire Quilt Fest, I am quite disappointed to find that only half of my photos were downloaded.  Tomorrow I will try to rectify that so I can share more.

It's probably a good thing since I'm rather tired tonight after staying up to watch the men's college basketball finals (Hooray for UConn!!!), running around like a chicken trying to make headway on many projects (mostly successful), and not sleeping well last night.

Here is one quilt that really struck me last weekend:

I am really sorry that the one I chose to show is so out-of-focus even though I do have a good excuse; I was trying to get the photo taken before someone walked in front of me.  And I also noticed that this one has a ribbon - the kind that does not tell you what this quilter won; very frustrating!  Anyway, here's a woman who has taken today's palette for her background - gray and darker gray - and then has thrown everything into a cocked hat with the bright colors in her blocks.  Of course, the blocks are contemporary in style, and I love this make-it-any-old-which-way style.  Also the spontaneous blocks are not centered in the gray, so they are not centered horizontally or vertically.  The placement of the dark gray blocks is well thought out, and did you see the boarder?  I would have liked a little less carefully spaced color interruptions, but I like the fact that the border is interrupted.  

Oh, and it took me a while, but I figured out what the label means.  Basically it's a typo and should read, "6" Improv (for improvisational) blocks" . . . Wouldn't it have been fun if she'd explained what the story of one or two of the blocks are?  It's fun to invent my own story for her, though.

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  1. That was a fun one -- and a great idea for a stash buster!