Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Little Bit of Quilting and a Lot of Painting

The title says it all.  Today, after changing my closet from spring-summer to fall-winter clothing (yes, I am late at that chore), I spent the rest of the morning cutting out fabric for next month's Block of the Month for the guild meeting.  I've made one sample block of my design, and though I'm not completely satisfied with it, it will do to make a decent looking quilt.  I've named the quilt Autumn Nocturne because that's what popped into my head when I saw the colors together not because it is a gentle go-to-sleep work which nocturnes usually are.

Having spent more time on that than I had intended, I thought that I wouldn't start painting today.  Then as I ate my late lunch, I thought I couldn't give into my the-weather-isn't-nice-so-let's-be-lazy self and decided I'd paint for a bit.  Of course, I spent more time than I thought I would on the New Orleans painting.  I'm feeling good about it and am beginning to think it may actually get finished before Christmas!  Actually, I hope for an earlier completion, but one never knows what may crop up to interrupt.

Tomorrow I have to go to the bank and the library, but I think the rest of the day is free so paint I shall.

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