Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bendy Dolls are Dressed!

Finally both bendy dolls are clothed satisfactorily!  Of course, both need to visit the hairdresser (moi) and a millinery shop (acorn caps/berets are all the rage in the bendy family - which is a good thing given the millions of acorns we have).  I'd like to give the male a doo-rag, but I have to be logical about both the amount of time I have and the amount of experience in crafting such headgear for a 16 mm wooden bead masquerading as a head.

Today was also a day in the studio where I enjoyed a glass of Blumond Diamante Prosecco thanks to a painter in the group. That was an amazing treat!  It makes me think about a brunch for D, brother D, and E on a lovely day at the lake!  Ahh . . . 

Oh, I was going to talk about the painting.  It's coming along quite well I think for something at this stage.  I'm going to wait to show it again until there is more to show.  Not only is it slow going as I mentioned last week, but also class is the only time right now that I can work on it.  We don't always have a full two hours for painting and next week we're going to work on developing out art critique skills.

It can't be fun looking at a painting and saying to oneself, "Okay, which three brush strokes did she add today?"


  1. you're making great progress!!! I should take a page from your book !!

  2. I'm sure one of these days we'll see pictures of your bendy dolls. You couldn't possibly tell us all about them without showing us. Yes, the suspense is working.