Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Orleans Musicians Update

One thing this entry will do is prove how embarrassingly slowly this painting has progressed.  But note to self: another artistic endeavor was receiving the lioness's share of attention so there is a good reason this was delayed.

Here's how far along the painting was on September 16th.  At this time, the window and the background figures were in place but not necessarily finished.  Actually, they are all a bit more colorful and defined than they should be at this point, but that is another thing I have to learn.

This next photograph was taken on September 30, and it isn't straight for which I apologize.  The man behind the singer (on the left) now has skin on face, arms, and legs, the tuba and trombone players are begun, and the washboard musician is almost compete.  

The date on the picture below is October 24.  I thought I would paint today, but I didn't.  You may remember that in a entry from last week, I mentioned I was waiting for some material I needed in order to finish this painting?  It isn't a problem, yet, but . . . 

Here's the situation.  Last week I spent my studio time practicing painting the bell of the tuba.  To my dismay, I realized I did not have the metallic paints I thought I did.  Sharon kindly let me use hers while I was there, but she doesn't have all I need, either. So when I got home, I ordered the golds and bronze (tuba, trombone, and earrings) and silvers (for the clarinet and drum).  They should arrive this coming week - I hope!  It is a bit frustrating because I'd really like to practice some more (that tuba reflects light in amazing ways!) and get them painted.  Then I can add whatever color I decide upon to the items in the window, tone down the building if it still needs it, etc.  

There is still the background perspective to correct (what was I thinking?), the doors, and columns, and street.  And, of course I do realize that I must work on the dog!  


  1. I think it's coming out great. Granted, I have never had a painting class and my skills in the drawing area are those of a first grade kid with no talent - however, I do think it's wonderful !!!!

  2. Finally, by the third photo, I could really begin to visualize the completed composition. (Perhaps, it's a big rude to say "finally"; sorry about that!) I love the clothing, postures, and expressions of the musicians. Well done. Your patience has been rewarded.