Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This Lucy Found Her Locket!

While rooting through some drawers looking for something to take to a quilt class tomorrow, I came across a badly damaged locket that I've had for about 40 years.  I had forgotten about it, but when I saw it again, I took it out for a possible item for the class since it can't be fixed.

Naturally, I opened it to see if my memory was correct that it was in two piece just held together by stubbornness and so could be used with no guilt.  I was right; there is no salvaging the piece as jewelry.  But I also opened it to find out whose picture was inside (almost all the old lockets I have have picture in them) since I couldn't remember that.  Here's what I found:

I thought I'd find an old photo of my mother, but I didn't.  The picture on the right is my father as a young man which was quite unexpected.  The lady on the left is not my mother and not my mother's mother.  I'm not sure if it could be my great-grandmother, but I will compare it to a photo I have of her as an older lady.

The other idea that occurred to me is that it might have come from my father's side - possibly from his mother.  That could make the woman my father's grandmother.  However, I think the hair style pre-dates my great-grandmothers, but of course, I could be wrong.  It's a mystery.

And that poor locket. It must have been quite a treasure to whomever originally owned it as it would have been very lovely and precious.  I think I may have to put it on the crazy quilt I'm working on to honor the women of my family. 

Oh, and I most certainly sent the photo to my brother D who donned the mantle of family genealogist and does it so well.  He doesn't know who the woman is, but my money's on him.  He'll find her.

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  1. What a treasure! It will be great on your family women crazy quilt!