Thursday, October 16, 2014

Down to the Wire But Finished!

The quilt was officially declared (by me) finished some time between 4 and 4:30 this afternoon.  That included the fussy work on labels and label covers, more crystals (panicking when an entire package of 90 crystals wouldn't adhere and fell off the quilt scattering all over the floor), checking for stray threads, inserting the middle stabilizing wooden rod, and panicking just because.

There are now over 200 crystals (best estimate is 225), ribbon- and machine-embroidery, raw edge hand- and machine-applique, charms, dolls, and beads, on the quilt - probably a few other minor details I don't remember right now.  

I am nervous about how it will stand up to the wear and tear of being folded and carried around by me, and also of being folded, carried around, and hung by others.

But, it is what it is; I am proud of the way it turned out and the work I did.  Sunday I should find out how it was received by the judges and learn from their evaluation (and also wonder what story they heard when they looked at it).  Then I will bring it home, take photos (no, I haven't forgotten, E!), hang it up, and get ready to work on Christmas gifts while the next story quilts simmer in my mind.

Have an exciting weekend; I hope your weather and projects are as you wish them to be!

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  1. Noel, I don't know the size of your quilt, but you may have noticed I clip many of my quilts onto cardboard so they won't be folded. Yes, they are a bit awkward to carry, but they stay safe. You may want to try that in the future. Thanks for the great modeling job!