Monday, October 13, 2014

Stitching, Stitching, Stitching

If only I could stitch faster!  Today I managed to attach two ribbon embroidery "garden" triangles on the quilt which seems to take more of my time than I expected every day.  Naturally there are three triangles to attach (so only one to go), several charms, bendy dolls, Swarovski crystals, and oh, yes, a label.

Because this is for a show, I haven't shown any photos of the quilt in progress.  Things always look better when they are completely finished - or at least, this one will make more sense.  There will be photos of the finished wall hanging next Monday; that I promise.

Until then, here is the set up for the last triangle before it was embroidered.  What you are seeing is the design drawn on tissue paper behind white tulle bordered in fabric.  The latter borders were added to the tulle to keep the ravels to a minimum and also to make the piece large enough to fit in a 4.5" hoop (which gives you an idea of the size of the triangle).

Each triangle has a different design, and I embroidered through the tissue paper and tulle, removing the tissue paper (or as much as possible) when I completed the embroidery.  Needless to say, the designs were altered while I stitched  to accommodate time, practicality, fabric, and over-all appearance.

Wish me nimble fingers!

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  1. keep going -- I sure wish the quilt show was a couple weeks away!!