Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Almost There

The end is in sight!  Tomorrow I attach the second doll to the quilt, sew the label to the back, then, strange as it seems, cover the label with a another bit of fabric so the label can't be seen (insures objectivity during the judging process), apply the swarovski crystals, and after a final check, that's it!

The only thing I have to do on the second quilt is the covering of the label bit.  Oh, and both quilts have to have their registration number on that label cover.   Those numbers are assigned when one formally registers a quilt with description and photo in order to get into a non-juried show.  The number is matches the one a card that I have to show when I pick up the quilt both to make sure the correct quilt is being given to the owner and to make sure it is really the owner who is claiming the quilt.  There's a lot that goes into a quilt show that I hadn't known and hadn't really thought much about before now.

Below is another of Nancy DiDonato's quilts.  Imagine figuring out how to support the weight of the center, heavily embellished medallion in the border frame without having that border bow and sag!  Nancy has a lot of engineer brain cells beside her creative cells running around in her brain.  Whenever I get into a "pity me" phase in quilting, I'll stop and think of her.

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