Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saga of the Bendy Dolls

It's Sunday, and I forgot!  I spent almost all of the day working on the bendy dolls for my quilt (wrapping the pipe cleaners with embroidery thread is a bit trickier than one might think) and the evening on the clothing - or on one article of clothing.  

For the first shirt I made (for the male figure), I used fabric I had used in the quilt.  As a matter of fact it was the challenge material from ME - just realized that.  The first try didn't work because it was too light weight, and I didn't want his arms to show through because they look like - well, like pipe cleaner arms!  The second try used two layer of fabric but that was getting too complicated so I scrapped that notion.  Next I tried wool, and that really works well.  I spent the evening fancy stitching the jacket and just before I came upstairs I put it on the doll.  Mistake.  Not the putting it on because that had to be done.  No, the mistake was in not doing it earlier.  I wasted all that time working on a jacket that is way too large.  Wool doesn't drape like light-weight fabric; it stands on its own.  The poor doll was engulfed by his jacket!


Ah well, tomorrow is another day, and at least the boy doll needs only the jacket from which I have learned enough, I think, to make the girl's clothing much easier to design.

I hope!

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  1. thankfully, you still have time to work on it. Not much, but at least some!