Sunday, July 3, 2016

Outside is Tidier

Yes, today was the day I made it out to the garden for weeding!  D continued the work he had started on the right hand side of the big garden while I started on the left.  We worked until lunch time and have only th doable patch in the center to do tomorrow.

Here's my side.  I only made it to the path between the birdhouse and the table and chair.

This is D's part.  It may not look like much, but it was quite a big area.

And this is what is left.  It begins from the right side of the plant stand to the left of the photo.  Working together we should be able to get it done rather quickly.  Then, the plants that have been waiting patiently in their little cardboard mailing boxes for a month and a bit.

Finally my favorite part of the outside work done this weekend.  D made a decision to make a moat around the big beech tree right outside the garden room.  When I called him in, this is what I saw.

Isn't it a wonderful "Stonehenge"?  His plan is to put come decent soil inside so I can plant flowers in it.  Right now I'm planning on hellebores and daffodils.  Hellebores because they're so early, and daffodils because the bulbs are poisonous (chipmunks might  leave them alone) and because they are a breath of the coming spring.  We'll have a clear view of the flowers from the new room.

Things are coming together.

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  1. hurray - it feels good to get that stuff done. And it looks even better. Love the stonehenge around the tree. Wonder if magic will happen there !!!!