Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Art Quilt Update

As I was expecting a meeting of my art quilt group to be held tomorrow (that's been cancelled), I've spent time today working on the quilt I wrote about on Monday.  I wanted to get everything cut out and at least pinned to the quilt while I still remember my intentions regarding placement, fabrics, etc.

Here it is now:

Octavio has been joined by some cousins in the trees off to the right.  Each of the orangutans has a yellow umbrella (without handles), but all are missing tails at this point.  Ms Zee will have both mane and tail at some point, but those are all finishing touches.  

As for the bathtub?  Well, this is a quilt intended for a bathroom so . . . naked people and bathtubs are de rigeur!  The steering wheel is charcoal right now but that will be changed as it doesn't show up well enough against the trees.  The man's cap may be changed to pick up the new steering wheel color, but that's a wait and see. 

 Both the man and the woman will have hair, and the "quilt" may be shifted a bit when the tub gets its wheels.  

Now all I have to do is sew it all in place!  Maybe it's a good thing my art group won't be able to meet tomorrow after all.


  1. You out did yourself. I thought the quilt without the bathtub interesting, but it did not rise to the level of a gasp and a laugh. I wondered how the quilt would relate to a bathroom other than decorative, but you really pulled it off. Very creative design. You will have difficulty getting people to leave the bathroom with such a masterpiece before their eyes.

  2. I agree with Est -- I had no idea that's where the bathtub was going. That's unexpected and really great!!