Sunday, April 19, 2015

Progress on a Hand-Pieced Quilt

Today my Hand-Piecing Club met, and I was able to show off my very-almost-though-not-quite-finished Carpenter Star wall hanging.  It consists of nine blocks and has taken me almost two years.

There are 556 pieces in those nine blocks.

But you are still thinking, "Wow, two years????"  There have been weeks that have gone by when I have been so involved in other projects that I didn't work on this one at all.  There have been months that have gone by when I have been so tired of it that I didn't work on it at all.  There have been days that have gone by when I have forgotten all about it.  Has any of that ever happened to you?

Six of the nine blocks are completely finished  I know you're asking yourself, "How can something be incompletely finished?"  Of the three blocks that are not finished, each consists of four smaller block-ettes which are sewn separately.  When those four are completed, they are then sewn together to form one larger block.  All those block-ettes are done; now they have to be sewn together to form the larger blocks.

I am probably much too excited about this milestone because there are more hurdles to come.  In between the pieced 10" blocks are 10" blocks of un-pieced fabric.  All I have to do is whack up six (I think) 10" squares of my chosen fabric and sew them between the fancy, pieced blocks.  Then there are the borders to add.  

And when I wasn't paying any attention, out of my mouth came these words, "I'm thinking of hand-quilting this one."  

Who was that woman? 

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  1. I do think hand quilting this one would be fun. It's quite a piece of art and, yes, I do forget about many, MANY unfinished projects and surprised when I find many of them!