Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sunset on the Caribbean

No, we didn't travel to the Caribbean last month.  It is the title for my new, completed painting,  Yes, it is finished!  

Sharon did have suggestions for improving what I had done, and I agreed with her.  By this morning, I had revised my emphatic, "It's finished!" stand of last night.  In the cool light of morning, I knew the left-hand side of the painting needed help but wasn't sure of the best way to approach the problem.  Basically, the dark clouds on that side dragged the weight of the painting to that side alone.  By intensifying some of the other colors and pulling the dark purple through the red and orange and even into the right, the painting found its balance.

Now I'll have to figure out what to work on next!


  1. Hello Noel,
    That is so lovely new painting from you!!! I love that very dark part ; it gives me a deep dimension , and I also love how you reflect the color on the water. There is one thing -if I can say- the colors need to be more soft, and gradual. of course no one can tell the artist what to do, but this doesn't prevent someone to tell its opinion. Still love your new paint, and the colors you use. keep good work.

  2. It's very pretty, Noel. And I love the colors. Wouldn't that make some very lovely fabric? I know - your next career could be fabric designer!! I'll start running now!