Monday, April 20, 2015

Art Quilt

The beginnings of this quilt were featured in one or two earlier entries, but until today, it has sadly whimpered in a forgotten corner.  Well, not actually forgotten, but left unattended due to lack of time. Today I decided to make time for it even though it had to be sandwiched in among the Monday chores.  That's just the way life really is; one just has to work around a schedule.

First I had to spend time replacing pins that had worked their way out of the trees.  It surprised me how many had managed to do that until I thought about the number of times it was moved since last worked on.  All the small yellow dots are the heads of pins.  Then I had to find the double-sided fusible I had purchased for this project, and it happened to be exactly where it should be!  Next I had to create mirror images of all the features I plan to include (that took more time and effort for which I had not planned).   Finally, I had to have D model something for me so I could draw the correct view of his hands (an interruption for him, but he was very gracious about it all).  

Finally I was able to actually get some work done.  The first figure I worked on was the zebra on the left.  She is why I left the trees unsewn.  I knew I wanted her to be coming through the woods from the left, and I like the placement of the trees so I had to play with where she would go. Once I had the correct spot, I had to make sure that her legs (three units separate from the body) could be seen.  There had to be enough leg showing (hah!) so her body wouldn't seem to be floating.  Ms. Zee is fused in place so I'll be able to sew her the next time when I'm ready. 

The next figure is the monkey/orangutan, and he was more complicated than Ms. Zee.  I knew I was going to use wool for him, but I hadn't chosen the fabrics for his hand (only one showing - the other is out of sight holding on to the tree trunk), feet, and face.  My first thought was to give him blue feet and possibly a blue hand because I wanted him to look less realistic, and he had to be orange which is right for an orangutan.  When I previewed various blues, they just didn't work.  Then I spied this batik, and I think it is perfect.  After it's sewn in place, his face will be drawn on with archival ink; it's too small to embroider.  Octavio has six parts at this point, but he still needs his tail which will make seven units.  Thank heavens for fusible web!

Once I put his cousin/s in place on the right-hand side I'll be ready the stitch the animals and the trees.  Then for the really fun part - the foreground.  You'll have to stay tuned to see what that will be.

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  1. not at all what I was expecting with the trees -- but such fun additions! The zebra and monkey are great. Can hardly wait to see the rest of this!!