Tuesday, April 7, 2015

San Diego - Day 3

On our third full day in southern California, the sun came out and lit up the sky (and our spirits!).  this becomes obvious as you view the best photographs I took that day.  You will also see some of the reasons we are so enthusiastic about this part of our country.  Do other places have sun, sea, and sky?  Yes, but to my mind no place with which I am familiar has as a topography as gorgeous, plant life as beautiful, or wildlife as interesting.  However, and here is the caveat I have to keep in mind whenever I start speaking in superlatives about anything;  my experience is limited.  

Knowing that, and knowing that my readers have very different experiences and different tastes, I will show you some photographs that explain why, in my estimation, southern California rates so highly.

The third day all four of us walked up to the Torrey Pines Preserve where, even though the air wasn't crystal clear, the sunshine on the plants, ocean, and rocks, made for a memorable time together.  

If you look at the first two pictures, you will realize they were taken from almost the same spot.  I find the second one a more interesting picture because of the yucca plant spiky against the yellow flowers in the foreground, the bushy mounds in the mid-ground, the dark hill and then the ocean in the distance.

In this one, the distant hill is now in the middle distance, and the waves draw one's attention.

But again, this one is better and is on my "to paint, maybe" list. 

You know I don't usually do this, but here are my companions from that day.  E, my very dear sister-in-law, BD my middle brother and good friend, and D, my love.

Can't resist a bird who's willing to sit for a portrait!

The flowering plants give us all such a lift at this time of year!

This cactus may not be flowering, but it certainly has it's own beauty.  And don't you just love that little white flower snuggling up to its more formidable neighbor?

Painters viewed from above as they work en plein air looking toward the north

And isn't this a lovely plant to end the day with!

Even though each one of my readers has her or his own special "most beautiful, special place on earth" perhaps each one can see why I respond so positively to this one.

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  1. it is a beautiful place. I think I'd love to sit on that beach and read a book - or maybe try to draw a quilt. That last flower is quite interesting!!