Monday, April 6, 2015

San Diego - Day 2

Day two in San Diego saw all of us walking on the beach.  It was when what is called "Maritime Mist" (do I have this right, E?) had yet to burn off.  Surprisingly enough, I found the almost monochromatic and one value photographs very seductive.  It's surprising because I tend to paint and quilt with strong, bright colors.  Anyway, let me show you the pictures that call to me.

Having said what I did about the monochromatic, value static pictures, the first two you see are two that underwent some considerable saturation enhancement at my hands.  I forgot about changing them back to their original grayer look.  They were enhanced so I could actually see (for painting purposes) both the clouds and the rock surfaces.

The sky in this photo is really lovely, and the colors and texture of the cliff surface is highly visible and would be a pleasure to work on.  The fact that directly ahead of E and me are BD and D is super as well as the spots of color in the clothing of the others on the beach.  Even if I chose to render this in a more subdued palette this one would be fun.

While I don't think (at this point) that I would paint this pelican, I couldn't resist sharing this photo with you.  See what I mean about the colors and values?  But there is texture in those wonderful waves.  Makes a fun photo though.

And this fisherman absolutely has to be in a painting someday - that plaid shirt, those shadows, and the waves (note the ones far out?) . . . oh my.

Here he is again.  For a painting, I would probably combine these two pictures.  I love the way the fisherman is standing and how he is looking out to sea (probably really looking up at the top of his pole, but I'd alter the angle of his head if need be) in the first photo.  In the second one, I'd probably omit the second pole on the right as an unnecessary distraction from the distant cliff.  

You didn't get to see pretty, pretty pictures today, but I hope reading about how I think about the pictures I take was interesting.  You know I will show you some lovely views from San Diego later in the week.


  1. I love the photo of the fisherman with the one pole looking out to the sea. It would be a very lovely painting!!

  2. I agree with Mary Ellen. That format also suits you. And I also love the very first photo for its almost ethereal quality. Can't wait to see what you'll do with it.