Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Another busy day that resulted in discovering a deadline for a big project is a looooonng way off.  That's dangerous because it's easy to ignore something if it seems that one has more than five months to go.  I have to remember that the project has to be quilted, and I'd better arrange the date with my quilter.  It also will have to be bound so I'll have to arrange with me to get that done.

Once that was resolved, I was able to get to another, even more important project which I had let lay fallow for all too long.  I zoomed along on it today until weariness overtook my eyes and hands.  Tomorrow I have an early doctor's appointment, but after that, I need to return to the sewing machine.

During one reflective moment today I looked around my studio which desperately needs tidying, organizing, and cleaning.  I thought about what is coming up on my calendar.  I know I am overextended, but how does one stop taking on too much?  

Just say, "No."

Easy to think about if one is saying no to things that are not fun, dirty, disgusting, high level intense, demanding-lots-of-sweat exercise, calculus, and things like that.  But this is about things that one, i.e. me, really likes to do.

I know.  It's still, "Just say no."

Wish me luck with that.

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  1. It's almost impossible for me to say NO to fun things. Actually, the other stuff can wait but the fun things.......I suppose you can have too much fun but -----nah!