Monday, April 27, 2015

Just Another Monday

Went for my yearly physical and came away with flying colors and drops to take care of wax in the ears and the beginnings of an ear infection.  The first made me feel terrific and the second made me feel like a kid.  Honestly, is this one of the glory spots of being an adult - an ahem, older adult?  This is a first for me.  Oh well, it could be worse, I know.

Young Adult Book Group met this afternoon to discuss the historical fiction we read for this month.  There were a few good ones, but none that made me feel I have to pass the titles on to others.  If I were in a quiet conversation and someone asked me, "What's good to read?"  I'd answer with a few that had something to offer - one deals with Berlin in 1983 when it was still East and West (kids know nothing about that), one with Germany in 1933 (setting the stage for WWII), and one with the Spanish influenza in Oregon in 1918 (think Ebola now).  That would be about it.  However, being in a group of adults who passionately believe in the value of reading and give up their free time to read anywhere from one to twenty-five YA books a month is worth every moment of reading, book reports, and showing up worth it.

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