Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Almost There - January Resolutions

A report on my quilting resolutions: The list of completed unfinished quilts is so far my most successful category of resolutions.  As a quick reminder of this particular resolution: 
2.  I will make a list* of five quilts that I will work on. 
     First list of fiveThree of those quilts will be unfinished projects, and if I don't want to work on them, I will analyze why not.  If I just don't like the quilt any more, I will give or throw it away.  If I just don't feel like working on it because I'd rather work on something else, I will allow myself to do so.  Two of the quilts will be new projects that I feel like doing using either the fabrics I set aside for that project OR choose as many as possible from my stash.  If I need to purchase something to fill out the list of items needed, that's all right.
     Second list of five: The numbers will reverse - three that are new projects that I want to work on and two are unfinished projects.

The first one is "Geisha's Garden", a large lap quilt begun in 2009 (yes, you read that correctly).  This is the one I took to EC's home for our sew-in on Saturday where I completed the binding - a task that marks this quilt as finished (it already had its label).

The next quilt is a small one and was my second hand-pieced quilt.  Spool quilts are among my favorite so I had been very eager to make this one.  Even though it turned out to be one of two hand-pieced spool quilt I wasn't as enthusiastic about the actual hand-piecing.  However, I really like the way this turned out, and I bound it on Sunday.  Its label is still lacking because I am trying to figure out when it was made.

This next quilt is not completely finished, but now that I have added the pieced borders, it is ready for the quilter.  This quilt, another hand-pieced one, is made using different combinations of the pieces used to make the churn-dash block (third row, middle block).  As things go, this one is relatively new.

And the final one for this showing is the hand-pieced Carpenter's Wheel which I've shown before.  Because it was officially finished last week while D was away, it counts as a completed unfinished quilt for this resolution.  Yes, it does have a label.

Now I have to return to my second "new" quilt that I started in January.  Once that is completed, I can move on to a new list of quilts.


  1. oh,my! such a busy girl!!
    and here I thought I was doing so well getting those giant hexi bocks- going for Nancy's Science Fair quilt. Wait! I am...I am!! At least it will be ready for her by her May b'day. Of course there are stolen moments of sewing on the Summer House quilt. Then and only then will I allow myself to go into the project bin and pull a new one. Keep up the resolve, girlfriend. You are an inspiration.

  2. I have got to find my churn dash blocks and put them together. You did a great job on all of them. Very inspiring especially since three of them are hand pieced and the last one is not all that small !!!