Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday is Wash Day

Monday is a day of house work; at least it usually is for me if I remember, a. what day it is and, b. to do it.  Today we were up early so D could take the car in for a check up.  That got me started so the laundry was well on its way to being finished by noon.  

Once the car was available, I was able to go off to the grocery shopping (oh joy).  Actually, I don't mind grocery shopping - as long as I can find the items on my list.  Today I didn't have much luck with some of the more common items.  When I asked about that at the customer service desk, I was told they stock what sells.  Well, that makes sense to me, a store can't stock everything.  But milk without flavoring or sugar (I wanted plain Almond milk - not coconut flavored, vanilla, not chocolate)?  It wasn't a big deal or many items, but it was surprising and inconvenient.

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.  After lunch, it was time to make the crust-less quiche for tomorrow night's dinner.  Like any custard, a quiche's flavor develops with time (a little time, anyway).  And it is crust-less because it doesn't need one, and neither of us want the calories or fats especially when one considers what else is in a quiche.  This one is made with onion, broccolini, cherry tomatoes, and cheddar.  See what I mean about the need to eliminate excess calories?

Then it was time to return to a chore I had started earlier.  I sorted patterns.  Sound easy?  Not if you consider the categories into which I was sorting them:  1. time to start/or time to finish, 2. I really want to do this - sometime, 3. maybe someday but definitely not now, and 4. get rid of this one!   Not easy decisions to make, but I feel virtuous because I got through the pile.  They are all now filed where their category placed them.

Then it was time to finish writing some letters to family members which didn't take much time. That ended the list of things I hoped to complete today; for once I didn't have unrealistic expectations.

Oh, and I should add that my entry form for the Vermont Quilt Festival was mailed today.

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  1. sounds like you accomplished a lot. Not fun stuff, but now you can enjoy the rest of the week!!